Højer Mølle i Tøndermarsken


The gateway to Tønder Marsh and the Wadden Sea National Park

Højer Mill, which dates from 1857, is both a museum and a well-preserved cultural environment located on the edge of the marsh in Højer.

In summer 2019, Højer Mill opened its doors to brand-new exhibitions and facilities. The two old grain stores house stories about the history of the marsh and a climate lab targeted at families with children, where they can play with the impact of the water on the area via an interactive exhibition.

The Tønder Marsh area is a fantastic cultural landscape, where the battle against the water has impacted and influenced people’s way of life and buildings for centuries. The exhibition about Tønder Marsh in the mill’s two grain stores tells us about the Tønder Marsh area and the eternal battle with water. Here, you learn all you need to know about Tønder Marsh before heading out and experiencing it on your own with a new understanding of the designed cultural landscape, with its dikes, locks, pumping stations, canals and flat marsh landscape.

Northern Europe’s tallest Dutch windmill with its grain stores, miller’s house and atmospheric garden offers stories about the history and workings of the mill. Enjoy the impressive view of Tønder Marsh and the Wadden Sea from the mill, go for a walk in the garden and enjoy refreshments in the café.

The exhibition is open from April to November.

Read more about Højer Mill here



The story of the water in Tønder Marsh is told at Lægan Pumpestation by means of an exhibition, an interactive model and information about the important role the pumping station plays in the drainage of Tønder Marsh.

Lægan Pumping station is open to visitors every day – and admission is free.

Lægan Pumpestation is the largest of the four pumping stations in the Tønder Marsh area. The four electrically powered pumps can move up to 16,000 litres of water per second – see it for yourself inside the pumping station.

On your arrival at the building, you are met by a vital part of the pumping mechanism, i.e. a pumping wheel scoop. The role of the pumping wheel scoop is to lift water up into the Vidå river.

An interactive 3D model on the ground floor displays the movement of the water in the system’s nodes and invites visitors to participate and intervene in the course of the water in the canal network of Tønder Marsh.

The balcony offers a view of the pumping station’s motors and blades, which are explained via a series of illustrations, photos and texts, and from the roof, visitors can enjoy the view of a large section of Tønder Marsh. A large landscape model in the middle of the room shows the entire Tønder Marsh and highlights many of the area’s most important sights.

While visitors visit the pumping station, the pumps pump away tirelessly at the bottom of the building, because without the pumping stations, the Tønder Marsh area would flood in no time.

Lægan is within walking distance of Cirkelbroen (the Circle Bridge) in Tønder. The Marsh Trail’s 10-kilometre-long circular red trail takes you right past it, and the Marsh Trail itself – the Tønder Marsh area’s 54-km-long hiking trail – also passes Lægan.



In selected places along the Marsh Trail, you will find a number of information stands.

The stands tell you all about the Tønder Marsh area and the particular place where you are.

They also show you different sights in the Tønder Marsh area and offer inspiration if you wish to visit and experience the area.

This is where you will find the information stands:

  • Tønder, Skibbroen bridge
  • Møgeltønder
  • Højer, at Højer Mill
  • Emmerlev Klev
  • Højer Sluse (sluice)
  • Rudbøl
  • Lægan Pumping Station