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Discover Tøndermarsken, a unique natural environment and culture. At first glance, the natural environment here seems bleak and untamed but it was designed meticulously – formed by the lives of local people who worked with and against the water.

This website gives you a wealth of information about the marshes and all the experiences this area has to offer. Read about the unique natural environment and culture of Tøndermarsken – the marshlands, landscapes, towns and much more besides.


Tøndermarsken is Denmark’s largest area of marshland.

The area has very special landscapes that were shaped by the lives of the people who lived here and worked with and against the water.

A vibrant cultural landscape that includes outstanding bird life, including some areas of international significance.

Parts of the marshlands are designated a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The fifty-four kilometres of hiking trail bring you closer to the marshlands and the very special landscape.

The trail takes you to everything from dykes and pumping stations to extensive marshlands, canals and lakes with outstanding natural environments and bird life.

The marsh experience varies from day to day depending on the weather, and the locals say:

“Our most important attraction is the sky.”


As far as the eye can see.

We see it all around. We feel it all around.

In Tøndermarsken, there is so much to see and feel.

The Wadden Sea engulfs the land, and then takes a breather. The horizon is clear and seemingly endless.

This is border country. Close to the boundary between Denmark and Germany, we observe the borders between sky and sea, land and water.

Millions of birds black out the sun above the dykes. Long straight paths stretch ahead – and back in time. The first sheep is seldom the last one you see.

You may be surprised to find yourself engrossed in Tøndermarsken. Mother Nature makes special demands on her human visitors.

She compels us to stop in our tracks, look all around and inhale the blustery wind deep into our lungs. She refreshes the brain, replenishes the heart – and reminds us what life is really all about.

The local people call it “stretching the eyes” – letting your eye linger and your thoughts take flight…

As far as the eye can see.